by Charlee Remitz

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They really don’t tell you what to expect when your heart breaks. They don’t tell you how long it takes to feel normal or how, months down the line when you think you’re okay, all the misery pops up again and it sticks around for awhile. It’s all very confusing and the only thing we have to lean on is our best friends. Because you’re too tired, too withdrawn, too shattered to hold yourself up. So your friends do it for you. My best friend, Sean, helped me take what I thought would be the worst year of my life, and turn it into the best one.
They don’t tell you that it’s a choice. It’s a choice to let heartache eat you alive. It’s a choice to let it be something that defines you. I chose to see all the possibility in my sadness and, even if I hadn’t, Sean would’ve pushed me until I did. Every misery is an opportunity. And when I look back, I don’t see the misery, I see the tears I shed in rented cars in pretty parts of the world and the words I spoke in dive bars while we played arcade games and drank beer, and even though I was hurting, I was also falling more in love with myself than I’ve ever been with anyone else.


In December I went to Portland
And I cried to the 1975
I remembered what was important
Me and my best friend
And a sleepy, little drive through Oregon
Here we are again
Two broken hearts
One rented car

And a brand new adventure to remember
That these boys ain’t shit
A polaroid, some dream pop and a highway
To get over them
(La, la, la)
(La, la, la)
(La, la, la)
It’s all relative
(La, la, la)


I know my ex thinks this song is about him
(He thinks everything’s about him)
Cause he was born in ‘96
Twenty miles from Portland
We’re twenty miles from Portland
(And I’m not thinking about him)
Driving to the ocean

It’s wintertime, it’s windy, but they’re gorgeous
These hearts of ours
We healed them right and now this is our moment
To take back what’s ours
(La, la, la)
(La, la, la)
(La, la, la)
In a little rented car
(La, la, la)

You’re the air when the sun’s just left
You’re pink and then you’re blue
You’re perfect
You’re the golden hour in the trees
Every happy memory is you and me
Alcohol and glitter
Arizona in the summer
Sunrise in a canyon
Swimming after hours
I’m missing you forever
I’m sorry if I ever
Loved a boy more than you
When you’re the only thing that’s keeping me

Together can it just be us no pressure
To the moon and back
(I love you like that)
You’re everything
I know because I’ve measured
And I’ll measure again
It took a million adventures to remember
That these boys aint shit
(They’re just ridiculous)
A polaroid, some dream pop and a highway
To get over them
(La, la, la)
(La, la, la)
(La, la, la)
To the moon and back
(La, la, la)
And here’s to Portland


released August 22, 2019
Lyrics by Charlee Remitz
Production by Simon Reid and Charlee Remitz
Mixing by Simon Reid
Mastering by Maven Mastering
Cover art by Juliette Toma


all rights reserved



Charlee Remitz Los Angeles, California

Charlee Remitz is a Los Angeles based dream pop singer, songwriter, producer, and mixer widely praised for her lyrics, which stretch the pop norm.

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